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WEST PALM BEACH, FL, February, 2013 –

As a young man growing up in poverty and enduring inequality, Ray Ransom never thought the sacrifices his generation and those before him made would one day be for nothing. But he was wrong. Today more than any time in the past thirty-five years a generation of young and not-so-young blacks are reversing the forward progression of a struggle that has lasted for over four hundred years. Ransom says enough to the secrecy concerning the illusions black men suffer that destroy the family and threaten our society.

Now, Ransom reveals the truths that everyone should know but few want to hear. He shares the shocking details of his first-hand experiences in The Illusion of Being a Black Man: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors, just published by Sampson Publishing.

Available through the Sampson Online Store (, the book tells of a generation that has hit rock bottom and gives powerful insight to families and individuals in need of positive change to survive. Because of his former life as a gangster, Ransom has experienced it all. From homelessness, prison, gun, gang, and domestic violence, to wealth, success and becoming a Ph.D.

Witnessing the daily destruction of lives in inner city neighborhoods would be enough for anyone to believe the situation to be hopeless. But not Ransom. Frustrated by others’ ignorance and inaction, he pushes for change by soliciting the help of those closest to the problems: mothers, young women, female adolescents, and Old School parents and grandparents. “What’s the quickest way to disable a future generation? Simply leave it nothing. Leave no history, legacy, inheritance, wisdom, money, or family values, ” says Ransom.

At once brutally candid and positive, The Illusion of Being a Black Man: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors, will give those with similar experiences hope for positive change. For prevention professionals and organizations the book is an invaluable portrayal of the triumphs and failures of the system in one generation of blacks. And for general readers, Ransom’s book is a call for respect and understanding – while revealing some life lessons that can help anyone overcome their illusions and accomplish their goals, no matter the circumstances.


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The Illusion of Being a Black Man: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors is now available through,, Pyramid Books at and the online bookstore of Sampson Publishing at

Book Statistics

ISBN: 978-0-9749413-5-6

Suggested Retail Price: US $19.95

Size and Format: 5.5 x 8.5 Paperback

Page Count: 108

Genre: African-American / Lifestyle / Psychology

About the Author

Ray A. Ransom is the author of Gangster to Doctor and several books on business and distance education. Dr. Ransom has been a fighter against illiteracy for over twenty years, and volunteers as a consultant to college and high school dropouts. He lives in West Palm Beach, Florida and is a professional speaker who actively takes part in the revitalization of gang and drug infested neighborhoods.