News Release Gangster to Doctor



  WEST PALM BEACH, FL. August, 2012–A new book draws on a former gangster’s experiences in order to educate readers on the perils of choosing the wrong path. It presents a rare example of how adversity can be transformed into something of value, even for those who grow up in poverty and surrounded by crime.

   In Gangster to Doctor: The True Life Story of a South Florida Gangster Who Became a Ph.D. ($19.95 Sampson Publishing, 2012, ISBN: 978-0-9749413-6-3) author Ray Ransom draws from his many experiences growing up and the sixteen years he served in federal prison to come up with a story that others wouldn’t dare reveal. “I decided to share my experiences in the hope that my book will help readers or someone they know avoid as many hardships as possible,” he said.

   Ransom was also compelled to write about his life because he believes others on the path need to know the proven alternatives to violence, crime and prison. “I’ve always wanted the good in me to prevail, but like many others I made the wrong choices. Now I get to share what happens when you make the right choices, in the worse situations imaginable. I believe any experience can by turned into something of value,” says Ransom.

  The book captures the faults, heartbreaks and triumphs of broken family life. The story has its serious and dark sides, but shows its humorous and entertaining sides as well. Ransom tries to raise and shield his family while leading a deadly double life as a gangster.

   Ray A. Ransom is the author of several books in the fields of business and distance education. He holds a B.A. in general studies, MBA, and Ph.D. in business administration and management. Dr. Ransom has been a fighter against illiteracy for over 20 years, and volunteers as a consultant to college and high school dropouts. He lives in West Palm Beach Florida and is active in professional speaking throughout the nation. For further information, contact Antonio Prince at 877-845-6383. You can also visit the publisher’s website at