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Gangster to Doctor:

 The True Life Story of a South Florida Gangster Who Became a Ph.D.

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Gangster to Doctor

The True Life Story of a South Florida Gangster
Who Became a Ph.D.

        Ray A. Ransom, born in the late 1950s, helped integrate schools in the early-to-mid 1960s, and overcame every obstacle imaginable to fulfill a promise made to his grandmother at age seven to become a medical doctor.

        While still in high school, he experienced a physical confrontation with older bullies that placed him on the path to becoming a gangster. By his sixteenth birthday, he had become a martial arts master, by seventeen a homeless high school graduate, by eighteen a father, and by twenty a father raising three children.

        At age twenty-one he was the state’s youngest real estate broker by day and gunslinger by night. He established himself as a man to be feared by never calling law enforcement for help but administering street justice with guns and a baseball bat.

        Real estate was something he was good at; it made him a millionaire, and allowed him to retire by his twenty-fifth birthday. His youthful retirement created considerable envy as the tag on his Mercedes read “Retired in My Prime,” and a series of contracts were placed on his life. Law enforcement murdered his father in cold blood and he was forced out of the real estate business and into the life of a drug-dealing gangster.

        After making it to the top of the Division of Organized Crimes list, he was indicted on fifteen federal counts. The verdict would require him to serve over sixteen years in prison during which he armed himself with a pen and a typewriter. Fighting the system every step of the way, he earned his B.A., MBA, and Ph.D.

        Upon his release, he put his life’s experiences and education to work and retired six years later, in 2011, during the second worse economic period of U.S. history.

About the Author

Ray A. Ransom is the author of several books in the field of business and distance education. Dr. Ransom has been a fighter against illiteracy for over twenty years, and volunteers as a consultant to college and high school dropouts. He lives in West Palm Beach, Florida and is a professional speaker who actively takes part in the revitalization of gang and drug infested neighborhoods.

Gangster to Doctor

The True Life Story of a South Florida Gangster Who Became a Ph.D.

(348 pgs, paperback, Sampson Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9749413-6-3 Ray A. Ransom, Ph.D.)


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