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Mentor Training Guide

A Program for Saving At-Risk Youth

Boys to Men Series
(94 pgs. spiral bound edition)

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College Degrees through Home Study

A Step-by-Step Guide by One Who’s Been There and Earned Them.
(350 pgs, paperback, Sampson Publishing, ISBN 09700062-0-9, Ray A. Ransom, Ph.D.)

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A step-by-step guide that teaches you how-to earn a fully accredited High School diploma, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree, without disrupting your life, career, or cash-flow. Inside you’ll find:

  • Techniques for earning an accredited degree from your home, on the road, or on the job
  • Three directories containing geographic listings and statistics of institutions, over 100 schools offering correspondence courses, and over 135 schools offering external degree programs
  • Details on 125 associates, 675 baccalaureate, 200 master’s, and 60 doctoral programs, as well as 6 high school completion programs
  • 97 schools offering external degrees with no residency requirement
  • The least expensive external degree schools
  • How to earn one full year of college credits for $155
  • How to earn college credits for less than $2 per credit hour
  • How to earn your degree for less than $55 per week
  • How to earn your degree, even if you have LITTLE or NO MONEY


  • Start a new career
  • Enhance your prestige
  • Educate your work force for less
  • Earn an accredited degree from a major university
  • Increase your salary
  • Help someone you know finish their education
  • Overcome educational obstacles and find solutions
  • Advance in your job
  • Stay focused on your educational goals
  • Save 30-70%

High School Diplomas through Home Study

A Complete Guide to Finishing High School
(288 pgs., paperback, Sampson Publishing, ISBN 09749413-0-1, Ray A. Ransom, Ph.D.)

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Getting a High School Diploma could help you earn thousands of dollars more each year, but the inconvenience of attending GED, Adult and Continuing Education, or night classes can be even more costly in terms of disrupting the private time you have for family, friends, rest, and relaxation. High School Diplomas through Home Study teaches you how to earn an accredited High School Diploma without disrupting your life, work schedule, or cash-flow. Inside you’ll find:

  • How to finish high school at5 months for every year you didn’t complete
  • How to find money for tuition
  • Which schools allow $5 down and $40 per month
  • Which schools have a graduation ceremony and class ring
  • Which schools have open-book exams
  • The least expensive schools offering diploma programs and courses
  • Why a GED is inadequate and not honored the same as a High School diploma
  • Refresher courses in reading, writing, and math
  • How to study less and comprehend more
  • The 16 schools requiring NON-ATTENDANCE


  • Earn an accredited diploma from a private school or major university
  • Cut years off your diploma program
  • Increase your salary
  • Save 30 – 70% on tuition
  • Enhance your prestige
  • Advance in your job
  • Stay focused on your educational goal
  • Overcome educational obstacles and find solutions