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Join Dr. Ray’s mission of helping others, and earn extra cash through book sales.

Sampson Publishing is currently looking for book distributors to sell its latest titles and CDs: Gangster to Doctor and The Illusion of Being a Black Man.
These books are written and targeted to specific audiences that do not typically read physical books or e-books, visit libraries or bookstores, have access to computers, are confined in prison, are involved in illicit activity, and can only be reached by a loved one, wise friend, or someone who knows them and whose opinion they value.

Why We Need People Like You

It seems as if everyone knows someone in prison or knows someone who has a
family member there. We all know that existing and persisting problems in our inner cities stem from a lack of knowledge. Our problem here at Sampson Publishing isn’t producing books with life-changing knowledge that will help blacks and others in need, it’s getting books to them and getting them to open and read books that could save or change their lives. This is where our distributors come in and are of extreme importance.

Why You Should Join Our Team

We are so committed to getting the message of these two books out that we are offering our titles at $19.95 + $4.00 shipping, and paying our distributors $7.00 of each book sold. That’s 35% of the retail price. We have found that many of our distributors are those looking for work or want to supplement their income. Because these books have titles that practically sell themselves, to their targeted audiences, our distributors usually sell enough books each week to make a financial difference in their life.

Distributor Qualifications :

Contact us to receive a distribution agreement form by mail, email or fax. Fill the form out and return it to us with a money order for $32 made payable to Sampson Publishing, Inc., P.O Box 22934, West Palm Beach, FL 33416, to receive your distributor ID number, books, and introduction packet. You can also order below by credit card. The discounted price of $32 covers a copy of Gangster to Doctor, The Illusion of Being a Black Man, a free one-year distributorship, and the cost of shipping. By selling only five books at $7 profit, you could earn this small $32 investment in yourself back in a matter of hours. There is no fee for the first year distributorship. As long as your yearly sales total 25 copies or more, your yearly distributorship is FREE.

Get Paid Immediately

You get paid before we do. To place an order and have us ship it directly to you, or your customer with your name on it, simply collect from your customer the $19.95 + $4.00 shipping, place your distributor’s ID number on the order, send us $12.95 + $4.00 shipping, and keep the $7.00 difference. We take care of the rest by shipping your order immediately and notifying you when it has shipped. Your name will appear on the shipping label to your customer. No need for you to invest in inventory. Use your initial books purchased to show potential customers, or sell your copies and order more.

What It Takes to Sell Our Books

To make money you need to have, know, and show your product. The only thing you need to do to start getting paid is read both books so that you’ll know what you’re selling. The Gangster to Doctor book takes the average reader three days to complete (348 pages). The Illusion of Being a Black Man takes the average reader five hours to complete (108 pages). Both books will also be available in audio format soon, and future distributors will be able to listen to them while driving or without the focus it takes to physically read them.
If you can get these books to their targeted audience, say a few words about what you’ve read, get people to take a moment to read the back cover, YOU CAN SELL THESE BOOKS!

Helping to Make a Difference

It never hurts to tell the people you approach that the author on the books’ back cover is published by a black-owned publishing house that cares and produces books specifically focused on helping those in need.

For more information contact Dr. Ray here.


Book Distributorship

Yes, I want to become a book distributor for Sampson Publishing, Inc. and help spread the message of their award-winning book Gangster to Doctor  and African-American lifestyle book The Illusion of Being a Black Man. Sign me up NOW!

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