5 Rules Dr. Ray Lives By:

  • What you do today determines where you will be 5 years from now
  • Accomplish anything by placing it first on your list
  • Never underestimate your Mental, Visual, and Physical (MVP) powers
  • Divide your time into minutes not days and master each
  • Always write out, read daily, and stay focused on your goals

Who is Dr. Ray?

Ray A. Ransom, Ph.D. is an expert in problem resolution for high crime areas, at-risk teens, schools, and motivationally challenged environments. A trainer of mentors, Dr. Ray shares extraordinary life experiences and a one-of-a-kind perspective, empowering others to conquer adversity at all levels while improving lives as a worldwide educator.


Dr. Ray has delivered several hundred speeches and reached over three million viewers and listeners through television and radio appearances. He provides unparalleled insight from a life against all odds, as he speaks at schools, camps, conventions, conferences, and other venues for students and educators.


Dr. Ray is the author of the book, Gangster to Doctor, which reveals his life story of overcoming every obstacle imaginable so that others may benefit from his journey. He recently released an instructor’s guide: Mentor Training Guide: A Program for Saving At-Risk Youth , written as a step-by-step manual to train mentors. Dr. Ray is also a distance education pioneer and author of College Degrees through Home Study and High School Diplomas through Home Study.


Having formerly taught Adult and Continuing Education, high school and college dropouts, Dr. Ray knows firsthand what students must do to succeed in achieving their highest level of education. His testimony to the importance of education is one that students will never forget. It literally saved his life and made him successful.


As a dishwasher at a local steakhouse, he worked his first hourly job at age 13 (pretending to be 16), and by his 25th birthday had retired a multimillionaire through real estate investing. Due to a bad economy, he lost everything. It took him almost two decades to get back on track. Six years after getting on track, Dr. Ray was retired again through real estate using the same principles as he learned two decades before.


As a child, young Ray overcame a disability that prevented him from walking without braces. By age 8 he had to help his single mother raise his baby sister and younger brother in a tough environment that required him to fight every day. A victim of bullying, he secretly trained in martial arts at age 12 and four years later was a master. As a 16 year old, Ray became a gangster, formed his own gang but never considered dropping out of school an option. Barely graduating from high school at age 17, he would find himself homeless within months of receiving his diploma. With his grandmother as his mentor, he was determined to fulfill a promise made to her at age 7 to become a medical doctor. As an 18 year old, Ray assumed the responsibility of being a father by marrying a pregnant 19 year old. By his 20th birthday, he was the father of three toddlers. Changing his pre-med major to real estate, he pursued a business degree. It was five years later that he had acquired a net worth of over $4.6 million. To save his fortune being lost to a bad economy, Ray became involved in organized crime and would serve 17 years in prison for his criminal activity. Refusing to let his grandmother down, he pursued his education and earned his B.A., MBA, and Ph.D. before leaving prison. Dr. Ray left prison with $278 in his pocket, a bus ticket, and an education. It took him six years after his release from prison to acquire enough wealth to retire in 2011. His mission and purpose in life is to spread his life lessons and experiences to young people so that they might benefit from his mistakes and avoid what he suffered.

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